Every week at church we ask the same three questions: How did you do following Jesus? How did you do fishing for Jesus? And How did you do teaching others to follow and fish? Sometimes we have plenty of “fishing tales” and sometimes there’s nothing but awkward silence as we look down at our feet. And yet, it is the mandate of every believer to do these three things. And so, we try our best to follow and fish. May our stories inspire you to do some fishing of your own. Here are our Friday Fishing Tales.

Prayer Walking Our City

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Transform Our World Hawaii Conference. The theme was “Holy Spirit, Send Me” and there were so many amazing stories of God doing powerful, life-changing things through everyday people. It was so good.

During the conference, Ed Silvoso talked about the conventus. Basically, it was a Greek term that meant that when two or three Roman citizens gathered together they represented Rome. The point was that when Jesus sent people out in twos that it was intentional. It was also pointed out that before Jesus went to the city, he sent his disciples there first. If you want Jesus to visit your city, go into your city in twos. This was simple but very powerful. It made me think, if we want Jesus in our city, then we need to be in our city, praying for our city.

We decided that we needed to make a conventus within our family. We gathered the children together and told them that we intended to pray over every single street in our city. We gave the map to the children and put them in charge of deciding the route we would take. We’d walk the streets they selected and pray as a family over them. When we finish praying for a street, we highlight it on our map.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be doing this. It is as if we are preparing our city for a visit from the Lord.