Last week, after spending 3 hours meeting with our Paraguay team over Zoom, we decided that we should just go and visit them.  Like us, the team has been in quarantine on the YWAM base in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Road Trip!

Our team from Paraguay had been doing an internship in Kansas City, learning how to run a YWAM base.  They were supposed to return to Paraguay at the same time we were supposed to be getting there.  We were going to do our first Discipleship Training School at YWAM Asuncion in July.  However, those plans have been put on hold due to the Covid-19 thing.  

What We’re Thanking God For

At the beginning of our road trip we prayed.  Bubs prayed that along the way we would see someone that needed to be healed and that we would pray for them and they’d get healed.  I kind of laughed inwardly, because first of all, Covid, and second, I couldn’t think of who we’d possibly see.  But low and behold, along the way, Bubs needed to make an emergency bathroom stop and RK ended up talking with the lady working.  As she painstakingly got up from her stool to help RK, it was obvious that she was hurting.  Remembering Bubbie’s word, he began talking to her.  As it turned out, she couldn’t lift her arm up as something was wrong with her shoulder and God told RK as much. RK prayed for her and Jesus healed her.  She could move her arm twice as much as before.  God is good.

18 hours of driving later, we ended up in Missouri.  Some of our friends graciously agreed to host us.  We’ve been staying in their basement.  Roger has made a new best friend in their daughter.  It’s been so nice to be spending time with friends.  We’ve been enjoying the company and conversation.  

What We’ve Been Doing

Hello Alpaca

We’ve been meeting with the team from Paraguay often, trying to get to know them and encourage them.  From what we can tell, many of them are eager to get back home to Paraguay.  We try our best to support them in any way that we can knowing that it can’t be easy to be away from their homeland at this time.

Additionally, RK has been spending some time teaching the Team Xtreme interns.  For those of you who don’t know, Team Xtreme is part of the evangelistic arm of YWAM.  RK started traveling with Team Xtreme as a missionary when he was just 18 years old.  He did it for over ten years sharing the gospel with hundreds of thousands of people.  

What We’ve Been Watching

Sight and Sound Theaters production of Jesus.  It was really good.  If you love musicals or theater you’ll enjoy this.

Covid has put all our plans on hold, but we continue to serve as we wait for news of Paraguay opening its borders.  I jokingly say that the first thing we need to be praying for is the destruction of Covid.  But in all seriousness, I do pray that all of you are safe and healthy and that you continue to live without fear of Covid or any other thing.  May you be blessed always.  

Empty Tomb at The Cross in Groom, Texas