Here is your weekly dose of “Catching Up with the Castillos,” a look at what we’ve been up to or will be doing soon.

What We’ve Been Enjoying

We all enjoyed hearing RK preach on Sunday.  Since there is no childrens’ program at this time, the kids got to sit in the service.  Our children were inspired and took action after service.  It always brings us joy as parents when we get to watch our children living out their faith.  

What We’ve Been Doing 

RK preached an inspiring message on Becoming a Proverbs 31 Ekklesia.  In the message, he encouraged the church to adopt the “war zone” here in Albuquerque, calling for 20 families to adopt that part of the city.  Afterwards, a man who had attended the service came and talked to us.  As it turned out, he had also moved from Hawaii and felt led by the Lord to move into the war zone and minister to his neighborhood!  God is on the move here in ABQ!

We’ve begun to advertise for our Discipleship Training School in Paraguay.  The school will be held in January in Asuncion.  We’ve already started to see interest in our program.

What We’re Celebrating

During RK’s preaching, our eldest daughter leaned over and asked if they could go out and minister to the poor in the city.  RK had been talking about how Jesus wants us to care for the poor.  After church, our good friend Mark took the kids into the city to do ministry.  They handed out food and water and asked the miracle question, “If God could do a miracle in your life, what would it be?”  One man asked if he could be born again.  Keahi was able to pray for him as he gave his life to Jesus.  

RK started his Purpose Discovery Challenge and someone sent him this message:

“To be exact, I can say, for a couple of years, this void was completely filled my heart. I’m emotionless, bored, I just can’t feel anything like I’m actually a walking corpse. I feel empty…I just ask myself this morning, wondering how to escape this feeling. And then while watching a video related to a religion, I then saw the ads that brought me here. I hope to find my purpose. I thank you heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for bringing me here.”

You can still join the Purpose Discovery Challenge here.

What We Need Prayer For

  • A place to stay.  We need to find a place by the end of this month that we can rent from month to month.  We’d prefer to spend less than $1,000 per month and near a park with plenty of trees.  
  • Open borders in Paraguay.  Paraguay is in stage 4 of reopening.  We’re hoping it will open soon.
  • Our businesses will prosper.  RK has sent in a proposal and if it goes through, it will be very good for us.  Please pray for favor and increased sales.  

What’s Coming Up  

Kelike will be leading worship this weekend at NLC.

We’ll be celebrating Kalena’s 11th birthday on Monday.