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Rejection Challenge

RK taught in the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and YWAM Honolulu this past week.  On the first day of that week he gave the students a “Rejection Challenge”. In this challenge, each of the students are encouraged to try to tell 5 people about Jesus and get rejected.  

There are a few things that the Bible says that we will actually get rewarded for.  One of those things is rejection.

The students went out and had a lot of success with sharing the gospel doing the “Rejection Challenge.”  Over and over again, they spoke and prayed with people who were receptive to the gospel.

One day, some of the students were late to class.  They were trying to do the rejection challenge and had a word of knowledge for someone who ended up getting healed.  Later that week, one of the students went out and prayed for a guy who had a broken back. He got healed.

Here’s a video of the guys who experienced the miracle sharing…

Jason Challenge

A bunch of the students took on the “Jason Challenge”.  Students are encouraged to share their testimony on facebook or do a recording of their testimony like the one that Jason Hotere had done just months before he passed away unexpectedly.  Even if they die, the word will still go out.