This past week was wonderful. We ended up going on an outreach with our YWAM staff to a place called Capiibary. It is one of the cities we’re focusing on right now.

There were so many good things that one couldn’t possibly share them all. Here are a few highlights from our week of ministry.

Finding God’s Treasures

On day one, we went on a treasure hunt. We asked God for clues to find His treasures and headed out. One of the clues I’d had was for a yellow tractor. We soon found a tractor parked in front of a house. The pastor that was with us said that this was very unusual. So, we walked over and ended up praying for a lady who was sick with pain in her neck and shoulders. She cried as she experienced God’s healing. Then we asked if we could pray for her friends. She agreed. And they too were healed.

The next day, that same lady we’d initially prayed for came to the hotel we were staying at. She’d brought her siblings with her for prayer!

Healing Those We Love

Later that week, we went door-to-door in a different part of the city. That day, it seemed like God was having us pray for people that weren’t necessarily there but who were important to the people we were speaking to.

A member of our team had seen a vision of a pink house and felt like God had told her that someone at that house had cancer. We walked up to the first pink house we saw. As it turned out, the man’s sister was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. We were able to pray for his sister.

At another house, RK’s head started hurting really bad in a certain spot. So he asked the woman we were talking to if her husband had hurt his head. She said yes, he had been in an accident and had a metal plate in his head in the exact spot where RK was experiencing the pain.

You and Your Household…

We visited many houses and spoke to many people. One home was particularly memorable because she had been waiting for us. She’d seen us talking to her neighbors and had already set up chairs outside her house for us. We prayed for her and she was healed. We prayed for her daughter who also got healed. Lastly, she went and got her brother, who couldn’t walk without pain. He also got healed. He stood and kicked and stretched his leg without pain!

The Holy Spirit and Our Kids

While we were there, our children went out and did ministry with us. At one of the homes Keahi felt like someone had trouble with their right knee. One of the men did. We prayed for him and he got healed. We continued to talk with them and ended up being invited back to do a Bible study the next day under the condition that he could ask any questions he had regarding the Bible.

Concluding Thoughts

This was our first family mission trip, since arriving 3 months ago. It felt so good to be doing what we came here to do. We know that God is just getting started here. It truly feels like the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few. One can’t help but wonder what could happen if there were more workers! That being said, the Discipleship Training School is set to start next month.

Prayer Requests

Construction is still in full effect here on the YWAM base.