Okay, so technically, I have no idea what happened.  RK was praying for the food and making announcements at our Tuesday Night Waikiki Outreach.  He gave a word of knowledge about somebody with pain in the back of one of their legs.  Somebody in line said they knew who that person was.  He was across the street when RK said that and prayed.  Later, when he crossed the street, somebody asked him about the pain.  He said he had been standing across the street when all of a sudden the pain just left.  So, while I technically have no idea what happened…I think I know exactly what happened.  God is healing the people in Waikiki!  Moreover, they are starting to talk about the miracles they are seeing.  I hope that we see more.  I hope that news about Him spreads quickly.  I hope we see even more people touched by the love of God in our city.