We’ve had a great time in the last few months doing ministry all over the world, seeing people saved, healed, delivered & trained up to find their place in God’s plan to disciple the nations.

And we have another big announcement!

No….Kelike isn’t pregnant again!

About 8 months ago I (RK) was praying at the International House of Prayer and God spoke to me and told me that this was my last year with Team Xtreme.

As Kelike and I began to pray about what we were supposed to do, Kelike felt like God told her he would tell us in November.  So all we could do was wait!

Then we were staying with a lovely family in Ohio and our friend told us God would make it clear to me while I was in India what we were supposed to do.

Long story short….This is what he showed us.

Starting in February we will be working with Pastor Alan with New Life City in Albuquerque, NM for a year.  Basically learning the ins and outs of running a church, training people in Evangelism, Signs & Wonders, taking people on Missions Trips.  All kinds of stuff…

Then in 2011 we will make another move to Hawaii.

I’ve had a dream for many years to have a training center where I could train people in my passions of Evangelism, Signs & Wonders & Discipling Nations.

Our move to Hawaii will be the beginning of that.

We also believe that out of this training center we will plant a church that has that same focus.

So that’s it!

Don’t know how it will all work out but it will.

Thank you guys for your faithful support!

Many Blessings,

RK, Kelike & Kalena