After retiring from Team Xtreme 6 years ago and never wanting to break another brick in my life, God called me back.  Believe it, or not, I actually broke bricks again (even though I tried to get out of it almost everytime!).

I joined the team in St.Vincent & the Grenadines in the Caribbean.  Here’s a map if you’re wondering where that’s at.
St Vincent on the Map

We (Impact World) had the amazing opportunity to preach the Gospel in every school in the nation.  All 3 teams, Team Xtreme Island Breeze & GX International, we able to visit 2-3 schools a day, where we could preach, heal the sick and then visit the classrooms and teach the kids on how to hear God’s voice.  Here’s an all boys school responding to give their lives to Jesus.

All Boys School

We also did 7 outreaches

Team Xtreme

Altar Call

I think all in all, Impact World was able to share the good news with around half of the nation, 50,000 people.

We also saw people healed in every school and every event.  Here’s a quick video of a teacher who got healed in one of the schools.

A teacher was shocked as her pain in her knee started to disappear! #TeamXtremeINTL

Posted by Team Xtreme International on Monday, February 22, 2016