Mardi Gras Here We Come

“Help me get to Mardi Gras…”

mardi-grasI’m on my way back to Mardi Gras and could use your help!

Last year at Mardi Gras we had a great time with our signs!  Never in my life did I think I would ever be one of those guys with the signs.

In fact, I sorta judged them….

But after the first couple nights we were there I realized the best way to get people to talk to you is to have a sign.  So I laid down my former prejudices and we made some signs!

Our signs were a bit controversial & way different than the “other guys’ signs.”  One of those guys had a sign that said “W.W.J.D.? Who Would Jesus Destroy?” And had a list of people who Jesus would destroy including loud mouth women & rappers.  Kinda funny really….

So the sign I had in my photo was a breathe of fresh air to many people who would come up and thank us for being there.

With this sign, the most common question was “How do you know he’s in a good mood?” My most common answer was “because I spend time with him all the time and that’s what he’s like.”

I really believe that.  I believe God really does love people. In fact, he even likes them, a lot!  And what better place to shine the light & love of God than in a place that is famous for its debauchery and sin?

Anyways…..all this leads me to my shirts.

I have these shirts I am getting made.  They’re all about the Resurrection…

People would ask Jesus “How do we know you really are who you say you are? What makes you different from other religious leaders?”

And he would say, “You will know I am the Son of God by this…You will kill me and I will come back to life in 3 days.”

And because of this, every chance I got when I was speaking on Team Xtreme I would make this challenge:

“If there’s anyone in here, or anyone of the 6.5 Billion people on this planet, who can prove to me that Jesus isn’t alive.  I will never preach another day in my life.  In fact, I won’t even be a Christian anymore!  I don’t follow Jesus because it feels right to me.  I don’t follow Jesus because I think he’s the right way.  I follow Jesus for one reason, and one reason only.  Because he really is alive and since he’s alive that means he’s King of the Universe and what he says matters.”

As you can see, I’m very passionate about this Resurrection topic.  I believe it’s a forgotten element of the Gospel message that has been left out of preaching for the last couple hundred years.  So I wanted to make a symbol, something that we can recognize, for the Resurrection.  The Empty Tomb graphic is what came out of that desire.

So I created a couple shirts:

Empty Tomb Men's Shirtet_wings_female

Well…actually Joey Jimenez from Joey Jimenez designs designed the shirts. I was just the brains in this equation (just kidding Joey!).

There’s 2 different types of shirts: a Men’s Shirt & a Women’s Shirt.  The picture is just a “mock-up” graphic.  The actual shirts will be black, not a dark grey like the pictures. (We haven’t actually got the shirts printed yet so we didn’t have pictures of the actual T shirts.)

We’re asking for a Donation of $20 per shirt.  That includes shipping & everything.

If you’d like to get a shirt, or 10!,  to help me on my trip to Mardi Gras: Click the PayPal Button Below.  Make sure you type in the box whether you want Men’s or Women’s & what size you’d like!