Keahi has Mr. Uyeda this year. He is a lot of fun. She’s sure to have a blast this year.

The girls went back to school this week! Keahi is now in the First Grade and Kalena is in Third Grade.

Since we do the bulk of their schooling at home, Monday was the first time we walked through their subjects. I continue to use Sonlight for History, Bookshark for Language Arts and Science, Handwriting without Tears, Spelling You Can See and Saxon Math. I just switched them to Saxon Math but I am really happy with the switch.

I won’t lie.  It has been a difficult week for me.  I’m still working quite a bit outside the home so it has been hard to juggle homeschooling and work life.  As the kids have progressed in grades, so has the amount of time needed to complete their daily assignments.  Hopefully, we work out all the kinks, soon.

Hawaii’s Beautycounter Consultant

In other family news I’ve become a Consultant for Beautycounter! I’m really excited! So excited that I couldn’t even sleep the night that I signed up. I’ve been using Beautycounter products for a couple of years now but I didn’t want to sign up to sell it because I’m a hermit and an introvert with no friends. But after talking it over with RK, we decided to try to create a marketing system that we could sell to introverts who don’t want to host parties and alienate themselves from friends and loved ones by constantly bombarding them with sales pitches. RK and I made a plan to do this together. Step one is to  become Hawaii’s Beautycounter Consultant . I really love the products and I’m excited to start this business venture with RK and the kiddos.

RK’s Teaching Results in Healings

Last week Sunday RK got to teach at another church.  At the end he got words of knowledge for healing and one of those words was about problems in the lungs.  On Saturday, one of the elders of the church came and spoke to RK about how the person who had the lung problems.  It had been affecting his mood negatively and after being healed he was like a new person.

The remote went missing and I ended up finding all of this in the lounger! My son had hidden all of these things in there!