The weather was warm and the sky was breathtaking on Father’s Day.


Tomorrow will be the first day of Summer. It also happens to be the birthday of one of my favorite people. This week was spent celebrating graduates, applying for passports and loving on the father of my children.

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Last week Sunday RK was sharing at Kaka’ako Christian Fellowship while I held down the fort in Waikiki. One of the guys who does JiuJitsu with RK happens to go to that church and got to hear RK share some of his stories about praying for people at the gym. What was cool was that later on this week, RK was over at this particular friend’s gym for jiujitsu promotions and someone came over and talked about how RK had prayed for him and his neck got healed. We’re hoping he will be extra encouraged to make his gym the place to do miracles and share the good news.

Father’s Day

This Sunday was Father’s Day. For a long time, Father’s Day was one of those days that just reminded me of the gaping wound I was left with when my Dad passed away. I was still young when he died and I did not handle it well. Every holiday hurt.  Even my wedding day was bitter sweet in his absence.

When I was a little girl, my Dad used to take me to Waikiki to go boogieboarding. He had this yellow Camel Cigarettes raft. I’d wiggle my way up to the front of that floating cigarette ad and Dad would jump on behind me and off we’d go. We’d get some strange looks when we rolled up to the lineup on that thing.  And then those same folks would wish that they had a raft when they saw how many waves we caught.

Some of my best memories were of bodyboarding with Dad down at Walls.

Recently RK has started taking Keahi out. Sometimes it makes my heart hurt a little. I think about my own dad and how short our time together had been. But for the most part, it makes me feel grateful. I’m grateful that I have good memories with my dad. I’m grateful that my children have a daddy who will go out of his way to do things with his kids. I’m grateful that they are making memories together that I’m sure she will never forget.  And I should add that I’m grateful that I have a Good Father in heaven who has helped to bring a lot of healing into this heart of mine.

Our Week in Pictures

RK requested dessert at Sweet Creams for Father’s Day. They make these delicious ice cream rolls.