The girls had their annual Spring Recital for Prisma Ballet on Sunday.

This week was jam packed full of activity with RK teaching at the DTS, our kids finishing up the school year, and taking care of Grams. Keahi lost another tooth and our weekend was hijacked by the girls’ annual Spring Recital with Prisma Ballet. So many good things! What a week! RK’s students did the stuff and saw healing in the streets. My daughter lectured me about doing the stuff and made me laugh. We did the stuff as a family and made our waitress cry…

Teaching Evangelism

RK taught the students at the YWAM Honolulu DTS about evangelism this week.  He started a new thing where he’d issue challenges for his students to complete.  The Rejection Challenge involved going out and getting rejected by someone that you tried to share Jesus with.  Did you know that being rejected for Jesus is something with eternal rewards?  Who knew?!  Many of us hold back and don’t share the gospel with others because we’re afraid of rejection.  When you get past the fear of rejection, great things can happen.

In another challenge he had the DTS think of someone they knew who was far from God.  Then they had to ask God what He thought about that person.  Only after they’ve done that part, does RK reveal that they now have 24 hours to share with that person what God is saying.  One student was so sure that the word was not going to be well-received but she finally gave her friend a call and shared what she felt God was saying about her.  To her amazement, her friend was thankful.  God used her to share the love of God with her friend.

The third challenge was the Jason Challenge.  A couple of weeks ago, we lost a precious friend.  His name was Jason Hotere.  He was a big Maori man from New Zealand.  We had ministered together with Team Xtreme.  He died unexpectedly of a heart attack.  I was really devastated when I’d heard the news.  It was a terrible loss.  He left behind a wife and two young daughters.  I won’t pretend that didn’t remind me of my own father’s passing.  It brought back all that pain that only a daughter who has lost a father knows.  I’m reminded again that death is an enemy of God.  It is horrible.  The only good thing to come out of this whole thing was the fact that he had made a video testimony before he died.  At least he left something for us.  He left us a legacy of love.  Although he is gone, he continues to share the gospel through his video.  RK had all of his students share their testimonies on Facebook live, Instagram live or a blog post.  Something that would last beyond them.

Bullies at the Playground

On Wednesdays while I’m at work, RK takes the kids to the park.  For the past two weeks they have encountered bullies at the playground.  The first week, they didn’t tell us about it until we got home that night.  He tried to push Kalena off the jungle gym and poked Keahi in the eye with his toy.  We told them they should tell Daddy and to defend themselves if they needed to.  The following week, it seems that a boy was threatening to choke Kalena and tried to hit Keahi. He chased after them and tried to punch Kalena in the nose.  Kalena ran and told RK.  He kept a close eye on the situation and watched as the boy apologized to Keahi and she forgave him and gave him a hug.  I was really touched by how quickly and easily Keahi was able to forgive him and move on.

Schooled By My Six Year Old

I spent Sunday morning gardening…my GardenScapes game garden.  We were supposed to be heading out the door to get to church but I was lazing around on the couch when this conversation occurred:

RK:  Guys we’re supposed to be heading out the door now.

Me: I’m too busy gardening.

Keahi:  Guys, we gotta do the things that are more important.  So what are you going to do?  Care for the homeless or play Gardenscapes?

We ended up walking in the Charity Walk for Youth For Christ on Saturday morning.

This particular charity walk has lots of food stops and guest appearances. Keahi got to meet Rapunzel.

It was a long, hot five mile trek through Waikiki but we all made it to the finish line!


So what is “doing the stuff” you might ask? It’s when you do what Jesus would do. It’s when you let your light shine on the stage and in the park. It’s when you find the courage to love the world around you and the person you just met. It’s when you put feet to your faith and live it out with grit and grace.