RK has often remarked that the Jiu Jitsu Gym is his church. Instead of worshiping God with songs he is submitting people–sometimes to the point of injury– and then praying for their healing. He is sharing the good news with his people. This “church” is full of sinners and cussing and ribald humor. AND it is full of opportunities to reveal who God is. It is full of darkness and light.  When RK is at Jiu Jitsu, he is a Marketplace Minister.

Fishing and Following

Every Sunday, RK begins service by asking us two questions: How did you do following Jesus and how did you do fishing (for Jesus)? Since I like to be at the top of the class, I often think about these questions during the week. They are a good gauge of our priorities.  Following Jesus means listening to Him.  Walking the walk.  Living for Him.  Fishing for Jesus means telling others about the good news of Jesus and His kingdom.  Being salt and light.

This week, several church members shared about how they had given God the glory in their workplaces. One was able to share a gospel teaching he’d been listening to with his co-worker. Another was able to send out prayer chains at work and glorify God in their email correspondences. I was really proud because it shows that we are starting to change our mindsets. Our workplaces become our ministries. Our co-workers and training partners become the targets for God’s love. We are becoming Marketplace Ministers!

A Marketplace Ministry Rock Star

I’ve been reading a book about the life of Gladys Aylward to the children everyday. They sit around coloring or playing with blocks and I read them a chapter or two. We just got to the part of her life where they have opened an Inn in order to reach their guests with the gospel message. She was a rock star! This lady was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this book if you want to be inspired to follow Jesus no matter what!


Marketplace Ministers on the Silver Screen

RK and watched Queen of Katwe. We wanted the kids to watch it but they didn’t really want to watch a movie about chess. Besides the immense gratitude I feel for my first-world, blessed life– I was inspired by her chess coach and his dedication to the well-being of his students. He was a Marketplace Minister who changed the course of an entire family through the coaching of a single, gifted girl.  (Note: Addresses some grown up situations including shacking up, pregnancy outside of marriage and poverty.  May not be the best for really little kids.)


I like to watch inspirational movies on Sundays. It makes me feel like I’m enjoying my day of rest.  We ended up watching a documentary called Undefeated.  It was a tear-jerker.  It opened my eyes to the deplorable conditions some teens live in within America.  Once again, I was left saying to myself, “I have no complaints.  My life is good!”  This was a real tear-jerker for me.  This coach really demonstrated love and leadership to those boys.  The football field was his church.  Those boys were his congregants.  An excellent movie.  (Note: This minister does use some cuss words.  Parents of little ones be warned.)

Laughter and Smiles

I was singing “Misty” this morning and my son told me he liked it.  That just warmed my heart.  Jazz standards are my favorite and I’d love for my children to love them, too.

The girls are about to perform in their Spring Recital for ballet.  They were given their costumes this week during rehearsal.

We got to watch my niece Juliette.  The girls just doted on her the entire time.

My brother got tired of seeing my son in a Seattle Seahawks cap so he bought him a Green Bay Packers one.  

What does your Marketplace look like?  Are you a coach or a teacher?  Are you a business person?  Are you a JiuJitsu instructor or a Stay-at-Home Mom?  When we realize that we are the salt of the earth, there’s nothing left to do but go out and add some flavor to the world we live and play in.  Jesus’ commission was to each of us.  So let’s go do some following and some fishing this week!