There wasn’t much to report on the home front this week. The kiddos had several birthday parties they attended on the weekend and then it was pretty mild throughout the week. I ended up taking them to the zoo while RK  took several guys from the church he’s mentoring and they worked on the Aquaponics system that he has set up at Grandma Luning’s house.

Our church continues to bear fruit.  A man got saved, healed and delivered at Pizza Night.  Another church member has started an outreach to women at a local shelter.  RK and some of the guys from our church helped with an Aquaponics project another church is working on as well as the system at Grandma’s house.  It has provided an awesome opportunity to teach and train and serve others.

Saved, Healed and Delivered

The word “sozo” in the Bible gets translated as saved. But did you know that it is an all-encompassing word that means saved, healed and delivered?! Remarkable. Well, this past week we got a chance to see the word lived out.

I feel like so many of our stories begin with Pizza Night. Perhaps that’s because we intentionally made it a night where people –regardless of religion, gender, socio-economic status, position or race –could come and receive pizza. With so many people, there are just so many opportunities to love. So, this one time at Pizza Night, we got to see God’s love at work.

RK gave a word of knowledge that someone had pain in the knee cap. When he asked if anyone had that particular ailment a man raised his hand and one of the YWAMers went over and prayed for his knee.  His knee got healed!  Then they talked about Jesus.  The man said that he believed in Jesus but didn’t really follow Him.  Our friend challenged him to truly dedicate himself to the Lord and live for Him.  He decided it was time to come to Jesus.  He gave full control of his life to Jesus!  They continued to talk and it came out that the man was suffering from chest pain.  Our friend discerned that it was spiritual oppression. As it turned out the man had spent a year with a satanist learning the dark arts.  As they walked through renunciation and spiritual deliverance from darkness, the man could physically feel things leaving his body as he received prayer.

On another Tuesday Pizza Night in Waikiki, this man –who probably just wanted a slice of Papa John’s Pizza–ended up having his life radically changed.  In one night, he received healing, salvation, deliverance and love.

Our Week in Pictures

Every week, I continue to see the goodness of God revealed on the earth.  I still get teary-eyed when another soul finds out just how good God really is.  When I see someone get healed, it reminds me that Christ is risen.  He’s alive.  And He is still seeking those who are lost.  He is still saving, still healing and still delivering.