Honolulu Family Fun Run Keiki Dash Finishers!

Well, the kids officially start school today which basically means I start homeschooling again. I’m a little nervous about it since they’ve basically been running wild all Summer. They’ve been eating lots of ice cream, binge watching their favorite shows on Netflix (during the school year I only let them watch educational shows during the week), and making their own fun. So, the transition may be a little rough…for me.

The Gist

This week RK did a training in Brazil through Skype. He spoke at a funeral service for a young man. The girls participated in a Fun Run on Saturday. I led our church service in Waikiki while RK preached at a friend’s church in Mililani.

What I’m Laughing About

Every week we ask our people how they’ve done following a fishing. One of the guys shared that he’d written ‘Jesus is Real’ on his backpack. He’d written it in big black lettering across the top but he wasn’t sure if anyone could read it when he had it on his back. When he asked a guy in the bathroom to read it out loud, the man practically yelled, “Jesus is Real!” Everyone in the bathroom turned to look. Too funny!

Our Week in Photos