It has been another fun week here in Hawaii.  As you read this update you’ll quickly realize the writer in this family (Kelike) has been busy but I (RK) wanted to share a couple cool stories from the week.

Prophetic Art Words From God

The art guild from New Life City in Albuquerque created these prophetic art pieces and then wrote a personal word from God for whomever would receive the card.

It was fun to give the cards to people and watch them read the word and realize it was speaking right to them.

We had our kiddos handing out some cards at our pizza night outreach.  One guy came a little late so I told him that God had something to say to him and he took his card.

He was blown away because just that day he had actually prayed to God and now God was talking to him that same day.  He spent the rest of the night talking with one of our guys from church.


NLC Waikiki Featured in Wycliffe

As a Church, during the Christmas season, we try to give Jesus a birthday present.  I challenge every person who comes to church to give to this project.  Some will give a dollar, others will give more but everyone will give something.

This last Christmas we decided we wanted to help end Bible Poverty by paying for a Papa New Guinea believer to go to the Wycliffe Bible Translator school.  There are over 300 languages in PNG that do not have the word of God in their language.  So we raised the money and somehow Wycliffe found out that a small church for the homeless was doing their part to help get the word of God in every language in the world.

So they featured our story in their newsletter and on their website.

You can read that article here

What I Loved This Week

I believe everyone should learn jiu jitsu.  It’s fun, it’s great exercise and you learn confidence and self defense while you’re at it.  It’s a requirement that our little humans do jiu jitsu but we usually start them off when they’re 5 years old.

Roger usually sits on the side watching multiple times a week and I can tell he is wanting to get on the mats.

One of our friends gave us a hand me down gi for Roger and I put it on him to see how it fit.  Looks like he’s ready to go!

I’m gonna let his sisters teach him some moves and wrestle him in the living room!

Our Newest Ninja

The other day Roger kept saying to me “Ninja…Ninja”

I didn’t know what he meant so he grabbed a pull up diaper and made himself a ninja mask! haha

I love this kid!

Heading to Paraguay

In just 8 days our whole family is flying down to South America for the Xtreme Evangelism School in Asuncion, Paraguay.  This is our first missions trip as a family!  Be praying for us.