Just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening down in Paraguay.

When we arrived we had to do a mandatory 14 Day Quarantine which Keahi aptly named “Covid Captivity”  (Keahi daily vlogged the Covid Captivity from her perspective.  I embedded a playlist of all her videos below.  My favorite was probably Day 11 because she ran out of fingers and need to get the help of her brother to add one more finger!)



The government of Paraguay was nice enough to allow us to quarantine in our home, rather than in a hotel room. Thank you Jesus!

So I figured I’d give you a short walkthrough of our new place:

Unfortunately, 8 people from our team got that Rona. So when we got out of quarantine, our whole team had to go into their own 14 Day Covid Captivity.

Which made for a fun week. We had to make our way around Asuncion trying to get furniture and things we need for our house and we barely speak the language! (I guess we’ll learn faster this way…)

Anywho, pray for us and our team. We are working on getting the base ready, we’re trying to get students for the DTS in January, and we’re trying to get a bunch of people Rona Free.

Appreciate you!