We’ve been in Spain for over a week now and have seen God do some amazing things.

Here’s some stories of what God has been doing:

3 Kids Healed on the Streets

While putting up flyers to advertise for the show, a bunch of the TX team members began to talk to some young people.  They were all sitting around on benches in a town square.  RK got some words of knowledge.  They told the young people that someone had pain on the right side of neck, someone else had a pain in leg and pain in a specific spot on the back.  The youth said they didn’t have any of those things. They walked over to another group of young people just a few benches down.  They talked to them and asked if they had any of those pains.  They had all three.  So the team prayed for them and all of them got healed.  RK spotted the leader of the group and asked God to give a specific word for him.  He felt like God said that he would have a dream which would confirm to him that God is real.  In the mean time, one of the translators walked up to the first group and told them that the other group had had all those pains and to ask them why they no longer had them!  They were all buzzing with excitement when we left.

Dream in the Night

Meanwhile, RK continued to talk to the kid who was going to have a dream from God.  He told RK that Team Xtreme would be doing an assembly at his school in 2 days and he would tell us if it happened or not.  Sure enough, he found us at his school and had had a dream.  He said it was just unexplainable.  God revealed himself to him!

Tasted Something Better Than Pot

During our show there was a group of people smoking marijuana.   RK went up to them after the show and began to share with them how God is way better than pot and that God would give them a taste of how good he is.  He told them they could give up the marijuana and save a bunch of money!

One guy said “You know how much money I spend on this stuff!  If I didn’t buy this anymore I could buy a house!”

So RK prayed for him to experience the power of God and he felt it all over his body!

Then RK told him that he would pray for other people and they could experience the same thing.  RK told him to start with the guy standing next to him.  He prayed for him and that guy also could feel God!

God really is good and he loves to reveal himself to his people…even drug users!

On to Africa

Tomorrow we head off to Morocco.  The city we are going to is part of Spain but in North Africa.

Pray for us that God would continue to show himself as good to all the people.