The day after we got back from Hawaii we jumped in the car and drove 3 hours up to the mountains to visit Lone Tree Bible Ranch.

If you’ve ever heard my story of how I first heard about Jesus when I was 14 years old I talked about this camp!

This camp was the first place I heard the real story about Jesus!

So I spent a week teaching the Youth of New Life City at this camp and man….it was a trip down memory lane.

One of the coolest things was to be able to meet the guy who runs the camp again, Steve Dirks.

When I was 16 years old I sent him a letter and told him that when I got older I wanted to help young people the same way he helped me.

And nearly 15 years later it was cool to see him again and share with him the hundreds of thousands of people who have had their lives impacted by Jesus because of him!

I wanted you to see the legend so I made a quick video.

Check out the Video Below!