During the last 5 years our family has focused on 2 nations in particular: India & Brazil.

We try to go to each country at least once a year.

I have an opportunity to visit Brazil once again and teach in the “School of Evangelism” that my buddy Bram is doing.

The only problem is I need to fly out on Monday!

Yes…that’s in 2 days!

I’ve known about this trip for a long time but didn’t want to leave if we didn’t have the baby yet.

And since our little one joined us this weekend, I can now make the teaching week.

The other reason I was scheduled to teach next week was because Kelike’s Mom will be visiting and Kelike will be taken care of by her Mommy.

I just checked ticket prices and they dropped by over $1000. ┬áSo I’m just $1200 away from getting to Brazil!

I’m sorry to be so last minute….

Would you consider giving into the training of a handful of Evangelists in Brazil?

You can click the button below to give via PayPal…

Or give me a call at 808-295-0993 to talk about another way to give.



PS If all my friends on Facebook would give just $2 I could make this happen.